Skyping with the enemy: I went undercover as a jihadi girlfriend

Skyping with the enemy: I went undercover as a jihadi girlfriend

Embassy in Albania. Executive Summary. Although initially the EIJ sought to overthrow the Egyptian government and establish an Islamic state in its stead, as the EIJ grew more intertwined with Al Qaeda, it reoriented to focus on global Jihad against the West. Group Narrative. Although Zumar succeeded Farraj as the leader of the EIJ, Sharif and Zawahiri acquired a large following within the group while in jail. Later, this title was occasionally used to refer to the EIJ as a whole. In , Zawahiri assumed official control of the EIJ; it remains unclear what precipitated this leadership change or what became of Sharif.


We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. The terror group has been built a propaganda network across social media platforms including Telegram, Twitter and Facebook. And sick ISIS recruiters now are taking to an Arabic-language dating site to encourage Muslim women to marry fighters. The site, which has not been identified, is believed to be used by devout Muslims across the Middle East to find love.

Jihad is an Arabic word which literally means striving or struggling, especially with a Page semi-protected “From an early date Muslim law laid down” jihad in the military sense as “one of the principal obligations” of both “the head of the.

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You Sons are at Your Service: Tunisia’s Missionaries of Jihad

By Simon Tomlinson for MailOnline. The fanatics have infiltrated at least one Arabic-language platform in an attempt to marry off women to its fighters. An intelligence official told how one girl was approached online by a militant who claimed to be living in the terror group’s Syrian capital of Raqqa. Scroll down for video.

The idea that jihadi women do not fight is widely accepted, but, To improve the experience of our users, we use cookies on this site. Despite this, to date, most jihadi groups have steered clear of mobilising them for battle.

This story was supported by the Pulitzer Center. Her two young brothers-in-law made fun with their faces. Her mother-in-law did gurgling sounds. All of them were trying to make her baby open his mouth wide enough to sneak in a spoonful of cough syrup. The simmering pot of vegetables and fish would be ready and the family would gather for supper. She would have been among the several Indonesian migrant women indoctrinated by men they met and married online and together, planned suicide bomb attacks with.

Young Farmer, who also went by the alias Abu Nakir Shaab, was arrested by Indonesian authorities for plotting terrorist activities.

Jihadi Bride Shamima Begum’S Return To Uk On Hold After Appeal

European Eye on Radicalization. Aaron Y. All of us, scholars of jihadi studies or those who simply have a passionate interest in this field, know him also as the founder of Jihadology. Actually, the book should be studied and not just read, since reading it would not be enough to absorb the huge amount of knowledge provided by this study. The book does not end there, and a significant quantity of information is presented through mid, bring the reader nearly up-to-date on AST.

The book goes well beyond simply providing information on recent events to present a masterful historical contextualization of the pre past, which is crucial to understanding the present and its trends.

Date: July Jihadi extremist groups use everything from Web sites and discussion forums to blogs and multimedia artifacts (such as animated cartoons,​.

By Brad Hamilton. His mission, a private and unsanctioned enterprise, was to rescue Diana Abbasi, a young Dutch woman who had joined ISIS and was therefore considered the enemy. But she was being raped by its thugs and desperately wanted out. Her father had spread the word. There was no one else to help, so Carney and his small band of ex-Kurdish commandos trailed coalition forces in a daring operation, risking their lives to save her. They dodged trip-wire mines, suicide bombers and caliphate snipers blasting anyone in the streets.

Some children got shot in the back as they fled.

ISIS target dating websites to lure jihadi brides in latest sickening recruitment drive

The American who called herself Jihad Jane read the words on her computer screen. Colleen LaRose was fiddling on the Internet, passing time in her duplex near Philadelphia, when the call to martyrdom arrived from halfway around the world. A compact woman with a seventh-grade education, LaRose was a recent convert to Islam. She found a place for herself quickly, raising money and awareness online for the plight of her Muslim brothers and sisters.

They were underdogs, just like her. During her darkest days, LaRose had endured incest, rape and prostitution.

study by the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service on violent jihad of the persons, their alias, and their date and place of birth. Figure 1.

In order to better understand what motivates Australian radical islamists to join or support a terrorist group it is first necessary to get a better understanding of who they are. This working paper examines data sets from Australian citizens and residents to paint a picture of our own cohort of radical Islamist terrorists, including how likely they are to be rehabilitated.

For the accompanying infographic feature accompanying this report, click here. Since several hundred Australians have travelled to Syria and Iraq to undertake jihad with Islamic State, al-Qaeda or other radical Islamist groups. While a small number of Australians had previously been involved in terrorism campaigns, including training with jihadi groups overseas or planning terrorist attacks in Australia, the scale of this episode of jihadism has been unprecedented.

As with previous jihadis, the contemporary cohort was motivated by the Islamist narrative of fighting oppression and seeking revenge for the perceived humiliation of the global Muslim community or umma. However, this time they were given an additional motivation: establishing and defending the physical caliphate which Islamic State had proclaimed in June across swathes of territory in Syria and Iraq.

While the caliphate is no longer, the ideology that gave rise to Islamic State, al-Qaeda, and a range of other radical Islamist groups, remains. In an increasingly interconnected world, the impact of social media on the construction of individual identities and the willingness to place ideological loyalties above national loyalties is likely to continue.

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IJU conducted a number of suicide bombings and other attacks at a local bazaar and against Uzbek police targets in Tashkent, and detonated explosives at a house in Bukhara, Uzbekistan, between 28 March and 1 April On 11 April , IJU issued a statement, claiming responsibility for all terrorist operations in Uzbekistan. The statement said such operations would continue. On 30 July , IJU conducted coordinated bombing attacks in Tashkent against the Embassies of the United States of America and Israel and the office of the Prosecutor General, killing at least two people and wounding nine.

On the same day, IJU issued a statement, claiming responsibility for these attacks. The statement indicated that further attacks were planned.

Migrant women, in particular, are attractive to jihadists because they Facebook is the de facto dating site to meet men who introduce them to.

Islamic State is known for recruiting people online to execute its nefarious activities and now the terror group has taken to dating websites to lure young women into becoming jihadi brides and joining their fold. According to a report in the UK Mirror, recruiters of the terror group have found dating sites to be ideal hunting ground for convincing young women to marry ISIS terrorists. An intelligence official said that ISIS is not sparing any kind of online platform from spreading its propaganda.

The man was feared to be an ISIS fighter and had met the girl online on a dating website that is meant for devout Muslims. During their interaction, he told her to come to Raqqa, which is an Islamic State stronghold. The man even sent her pictures of jewellery that would be gifted to her on the wedding night. We have updated our Privacy and Cookie Policy. If you continue to use our site, you agree to the updated Policies.

Total Cases 3,, Recovered 2,, Deaths 57,

Couple who “plotted terror attack” met on Muslim dating site.

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